Sarafina Vecchio


A fun, fearless and friendly approach to learning all things Shakespeare!

After earning a Post Graduate Award from The University of Warwick in conjunction with The Royal Shakespeare Company in Conventry, England, I am now available for workshops in schools or private settings for students 8 to 18.  Adult workshops also available.

Workshops include an active, on-your-feet learning process which focuses on first connecting students' worlds to Shakespeare's and then breaking down the text using fun, easy group exercises which engage students of all levels.  Workshops can easily be altered and changed to fit the needs and abilities of the students. A beginning session as well as a "Master Class" for high level performing arts classes or academies available. One time classes or multiple sessions can be arranged. Prices depend on class size, number of classes and level and ages of students.

The goal of the workshop is to help English and Drama teachers take the stress and boredom out of teaching Shakespeare to their classes. When used as an introduction to the Shakespeare unit, students will be more at ease and engaged with the materials once they get on their feet and understand that Shakespearean plays are not old, stuffy or impossible to understand but, rather, engaging, relatable, exciting and even funny!  

If you are a teacher, a director or even just a person who wants to learn more about Shakespeare, please contact me and we can talk!
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